C. Bangoy St. PO Box 80824, 8000 Davao City


Client: ____________________

Bdate: ____________________


Property location: ____________________

                            ____________________, DC


Requirements for change of name:


  1. Submit the following for assessment:

o Bill Deposit P ____________

o Photocopy Deed of Sale [present original]

o Photocopy of Special Power of Attorney (if not the principal new/old owner) [present original]

o Photocopy of Valid identification of the new owner indicating parents full name

o Photocopy of Valid identification of the AGENT with SPA

o Photocopy of vicinity/location/lot plan


  1. Wait for the scheduled visit from Davao Light field staff, or call for update if done and ready for payment or deposit:


  1. If ready for payment submit the following specified in no. 1